Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Wrap


Have you ever wanted to change the color of your car? Are you familiar with the latest craze in the automotive marketplace: vinyl wraps? You can now change, customize, and enhance the look of your car with a vinyl wrap. In addition to their aesthetic advantages, vinyl wraps assist in protecting the original paint of cars.

You can have this noninvasive procedure done at our facility in Lindenhurst, NY. We have hundreds of colors and textures to choose from!


Wraps Vs. Paint

• Wraps are a fraction of the cost of matte paint
• There’s no need to change your title to reflect the color change with a wrap; whereas with paint you need to change the title showing new color.
• Matte wraps cost $2500.00 and vary depending on each car; paint cost $7-$10k.
• No effect on resale value with a wrap, it simply peels off. With paint, the resale value will drop to about half.
• Wrap is far more resistant to staining than paint. If you get bird feces or tree sap on paint, it is stained.
• If you need to get a section repaired due to an accident, paint can cost thousands of dollars because multiple sections of the car need to be blended. Plus, paint never 100% matches due to many factors: temperature, paint mix, how far the paint gun was held away from the car, etc. With a wrap, simply wrap the section needed and it will be a perfect match to the surrounding areas.

At Art of Wrap, we use 3m Wrap Film Series 1080, Arlon, Avery, Hexis and more. From Matte finish, Chrome, Metallic, Glossy, Carbon Fiber and more, we have it all!

*Please email info@artofwrapny.comor call to secure firm pricing.  
*All prices subject to change based on year/make/model of vehicle.
*Limited warranty for 1 year on installation & materials
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