About Us

About Us


Sure you just bought a new ride, but it looks just like every other model of that vehicle that others have bought. You can try and pick a “rare” color, but you’ll inevitably run into another model with the same color at some point.

Art of Wrap is different. We can totally customize your ride to your liking with vinyl wraps, ceramic coating, detailing, and custom graphics. Just let us know what you want your car or truck to look like, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll even help design something if you’d like!


Art of Wrap uses only the finest products and materials in the industry in order to deliver the very best to you as our customer. Our paint protection products won’t fade over time, nor are they easily washed away like some others are. We know you love your vehicle. So why not make sure that the body lasts as long as possible? Call Art of Wrap today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll tell you exactly what products we’d recommend for your vehicle’s protection and long life. Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll take care of the rest!

Did you know? Seth Rose, the company’s owner and founder, is very close friends with the legendary rapper, singer, and actor Ice T. In 2012, Ice T directed the American documentary Art of Rap, which became a huge hit. We have proudly adopted that name with a twist: Art of Wrap.

Stay tuned for our gallery to expand daily. We’re certain we’ll be performing work on not only Ice T’s collection of cars, but many more cars for people in the music industry as well. In fact, you can even see some of our recent work on the show Unique Rides on Velocity or listen to our podcast to learn more. But the best place to see our work is your very own driveway. We hope we make that happen for you soon, so call today!
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